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Adolescent Braces Options at Mar Orthodontics

For adolescents, a healthy smile can positively affect self-esteem and self-confidence. Having straight teeth may also impact a teenager’s role within their social circle and their behaviour, and improves nutrition and dental hygiene.

Our teenage patients respond very well to Mar Orthodontics’ braces education and hygiene program, which motivates them to develop and maintain healthy dental hygiene habits. 

Teenagers feel welcome at Mar Orthodontics, accepted and respected as an individual, and empowered to enjoy their braces journey.

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Conventional & Lingual Braces Options For Teens

Mar Orthodontics is proud to offer a select variety of conventional braces and lingual braces options for teenagers. A number of our adolescent patients choose lingual braces because of their aesthetic appeal (lingual braces are worn behind the teeth so they can’t be seen by others). Conventional braces are also very popular among teenagers because of their trendy appeal – it’s hip to show off your braces and to make a personal statement with the colour and style of braces you wear.


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Accelerate Teen Treatment Time

Mar Orthodontics is pleased to offer both Propel® and Aevo System for our adolescent patients. Both are innovative and advanced orthodontic technologies that work with your braces or clear aligners (e.g. Invisalign) to fast track your orthodontic treatment. 

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