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Getting started with your orthodontic treatment is easy at Mar Orthodontics

The following 5 steps outline our process.

Step #1  Exam & Preliminary Diagnosis

The first step involves an initial exam with your orthodontist and treatment coordinator to reach a preliminary diagnosis. At this point, patients (and guardians) are explained the entire orthodontic process, given a tour of our office, shown the braces we use, and any of their questions, concerns or anxieties are addressed.

We also review braces cost and financing options

Please print out and fill in our Patient Information & Medical History form before your initial exam.

  > Under 18 Patient Information & Medical History Form

  > 18+ Patient Information & Medical History Form

Step #2  Records Appointment & Final Diagnosis

Patients (and guardians) come in for an orthodontic record appointment, which includes facial and dental photos, dental x-rays and dental impressions. The orthodontist will then review these records, make a final diagnosis and write a treatment plan that includes all options available to the patient.

Step #3  Treatment Plan & Options Review

Our Patient Treatment Coordinator meets with patients (and guardians) to discuss the final diagnosis, treatment plan and options, and related costs.

Step #4  Decision & Finalization

Patients (and guardians) decide on the option they’d like to pursue and meet with our Patient Contract Coordinator to finalize their contract.

STEP #5  Treatment Begins!

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