Aevo System


About Aevo System by SmileSonica

In addition to Propel Orthodontics we also carry the Aevo System by SmileSonica, another option for patients to accelerate their orthodontic treatment. This technology can be used with both braces (conventional & lingual) and Invisalign.

Designed by Edmonton-based SmileSonica Inc., the Aevo System is an ultrasound-based method of accelerating orthodontic treatment. It was approved by Health Canada in September 2016.

How the Aevo System Works

Aevo System is an ultrasonic device, which is to say that it works using sound waves beyond the level of human hearing. Ultrasound is the basis for many life changing health technologies that exist today. 

Braces and Invisalign work by moving teeth over time, whether through brackets and wires on teeth, or gradual changes in clear aligners.

The pressure created by braces or Invisalign compresses the bone beside a tooth in the direction it is being moved. This compression causes your body to react by stimulating osteoclasts and osteoblasts around the tooth/teeth. 

The bone on one side of the tooth is remodelled and on the other side of the tooth, bone is formed in the space where your tooth had been.

The Aevo System accelerates orthodontic treatment by targeting the area with ultrasound. The ultrasound stimulates osteoblast and osteoclast activity using low-intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS), increasing bone remodeling activity, allowing your teeth to move more quickly into the desired position (as determined by your orthodontist), while maintaining the integrity of each individual tooth.

The Aevo System uses mouthpieces that are inserted on the top and/or bottom of your teeth. The user applies a small amount of ultrasound gel to the mouthpieces, inserts them and starts the device. It only takes 20 minutes per day, and the device is completely automatic. You can choose when and where your treatment takes place. 

Cleaning the Aevo System is easy. You just rinse off the mouthpieces, clean them with a toothbrush, and put them away in their case until the next use. The device is also rechargeable, so you don’t have to fuss with batteries.

Aevo System Advantages

  • No Additional Orthodontic Appointments – Treatment is at home and only takes 20 minutes per day for the prescribed duration (from a few weeks to a few months).
  • Portability – The Aevo System is small, so you can easily take it with you and do your treatment at a time and place most convenient for you.
  • Shortened Orthodontic Treatment Time – Most patients want to have their braces on for as little time as possible, and the Aevo System research to date states that it shortens treatment time by 25% to 30%.
  • No Pain – The Aevo System is non-invasive and pain free as it uses ultrasound technology.
  • Locally Developed – The Aevo System was developed by SmileSonica (an Edmonton-based company) in conjunction with the University of Alberta.

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