Propel Accelerated Treatment

About Propel 

Mar Orthodontics is pleased to announce that we now offer Propel®, innovative and advanced orthodontic technologies that work with both aligners (e.g. Invisalign) and braces to fast track orthodontic treatment.

While each patient’s treatment time will vary due to the complexity of their orthodontic issues, many Propel® patients can have their orthodontic treatment lessened by several months. To benefit from Propel® you must first have aligners or braces in place. 

Propel Orthodontics offers two main technologies: 1) Excellerator Series and 2) VPro5.



propel excellerator™ series

Propel® Excellerator series tips are patented, FDA-registered medical devices. They stimulate the bone surrounding your teeth, which helps teeth move faster and more predictably into their ideal position. 

Your orthodontist will use an Excellerator tip to create micro-osteoperforations (MOPs) in areas requiring a larger amount of tooth movement.

It only takes a few minutes and is performed chairside with local anesthetic. Typically one to three treatments are required with no post procedure care needed.

How Propel Excellerator Series Tips Work

MOPs stimulate the alveolar bone to increase cytokine activity and induce an inflammatory response, this results in a marked increase in osteoclast activity! Simply speaking this means faster bone remodeling around the target tooth or teeth, which accelerates treatment.




propel vpro5 for invisalign

Propel VPro5 is a high frequency vibration (HFV) device designed for use with Invisalign. It's main function is to improve aligner seating (fit). It is meant to be used anywhere and only takes 5 minutes a day - preferably before bedtime, when you’ll be wearing your aligners for the longest, uninterrupted period of time.

How VPro5 Works

It’s simple. HFV is a low magnitude mechanical stimulus characterised by an oscillatory motion. VPro5 utilizes HFV to shimmy aligners into place, helping them fit more snugly to the teeth. The better fit helps to ensure that your teeth move more fully and accurately in the direction intended by your orthodontist. This reduces the likelihood of refinement and therefore results in a shortened treatment time.

Benefits of VPro5

"I include VPro5 with every Invisalign treatment because I believe strongly in the benefits of this tool." - Dr. Ly T. Mar, Orthodontist & Principal

Benefits Include:

  • Improved Aligner Seating (fit)
  • Quick & Easy To Use
  • Reduced Discomfort
  • Increased Bone Remodeling
  • Less Refinements Required Therefore Treatment Time Decreases
  • Better Retention

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