A Day In The Life Of A Kid With Braces



My day starts off a little earlier than before I had braces. I get up at 7:30 am.

My favourite breakfast is Cheerios. My mom makes sure I have a piece of fruit in the morning instead of orange juice, since she says that juice is too sugary.

It takes me about ten minutes to brush and floss my teeth in the morning after I have breakfast. I am getting better at it, but I still need some help from my mom. I hope that I can do it on my own soon.

It only takes me about five minutes to walk to school, and the first bell is at 8:26 am.

Morning Recess

We only have 15 minutes for recess, so I barely have time for a snack. My mom cuts up an apple into slices because biting into an apple whole might wreck my braces. Instead of brushing my teeth I usually just rinse my mouth with water in the bathroom. Mom says I should brush too, but I would rather play outside.


We get to eat lunch at 11:26 am and I am usually starved! Most of the time my mom puts a sandwich with ham and cheese in my lunch. I used to get carrot sticks too, but mom says that the orthodontist told her they were too hard and might wreck my braces, so I usually get something that’s softer, like sliced cucumbers or a banana.

I also have a carton of milk. Some of the kids have a can of Coke in their lunch, but my mom says I’m not allowed and that it’s bad for my teeth because there’s tooooo much sugar.

At lunch I have to brush my teeth and floss. I want to get better at it so I have more time to play outside with my friends.

Afternoon Recess

I’m not hungry at afternoon recess, but I usually drink some water. The orthodontist says water is really good and I like it because then I don’t have to brush my teeth.

After School

We get out of school at 3:09 pm, and I always run home. For a snack, my mom lets me have a glass of milk and a granola bar, but only the soft ones. I brush my teeth, and floss. Again!

I usually don’t have much homework, so I get to go outside and play until supper.


Most of the time we have food for supper that won’t be a problem for my braces and teeth. Mom likes chicken, so we have that a lot, and it’s pretty easy for me to eat because it’s soft.

We always have potatoes or rice, and then we might have a salad, or maybe something like steamed broccoli with butter on it.

I bet you know what happens after supper. I mean, after I help clean up, or course. This time dad gets to help me with brushing and flossing my teeth.

Later on, near bedtime, and if my room is clean, sometimes we have dessert. Mostly it’s just a chocolate chip cookie (because I love them!) and mom only makes the soft kind, so it won’t wreck my braces.

Just before bed, I have to do a really good job brushing my teeth and flossing. Dad says that it’s to try and stop plaque from coating my teeth and to make sure I get any bits of food I might have missed.

I am getting a lot better at it, so my parents are happy!