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You’re a bride to be. Congratulations! Now the wedding planning starts and a big part of that involves your look: your dress, your shoes, your flowers, your hair, your make-up, your skin... and, of course, your smile!

If your teeth are not straight or there’s something about your smile that you’re not happy with, it’s normal for this to be bothering you a little more now that your “big day” is reality. Brides are the star of the wedding and the photos, and everyone loves to see a happy smiling bride.

Have you put off getting braces or looking into the options available for correcting your orthodontic issues? There’s no time to waste! Contact an orthodontist right away.

Orthodontic Consultation For Brides 

Are you a bride to be that’s wants to get braces? The average braces treatment time is two years, but treatment can also be completed in a much shorter time depending on the correction needed.

Another scenario might be that you already have braces and your projected orthodontic treatment end date comes after your wedding day.

Talking to your orthodontist about your orthodontic treatment timeline as it relates to your wedding date is going to be key. At Mar Orthodontics, we will do whatever we can to help ensure your smile is as ready for your big day as you are.

Orthodontic Treatment Options For Brides:

1) Remove Your Braces For The Wedding

If the wedding date comes before orthodontic treatment is complete, some brides will opt to have had their braces removed for the wedding. Once the wedding is over and photos are taken, they get them put back on. This can be a costly option, and we don’t recommend it.

Another option is having just the front brackets and wire removed on top, just for the wedding day, rather than having them all removed.

There are definite downsides to this option, such as:

  • Cost and time to remove and reinstall your braces
  • Discomfort from removal and reinstallation
  • Lengthening of treatment time
  • Teeth might still not be aligned

If your teeth haven’t progressed enough by the date of your wedding, there’s really no point in even considering this option, which leads to the next option.

2) Invisible Braces Options

What about lingual braces (behind your teeth) or Invisalign (clear aligners)? This is probably your best bet!

Lingual braces are invisible because they’re behind your teeth. If you’ve had them for a year before your wedding date, more than likely your teeth will have already straightened substantially.

Invisalign is another great option to consider, especially for brides with less complex orthodontic issues. With Invisalign you can just pop out your aligner for your wedding day!

Book a consultation to ask an orthodontist if you’re a good candidate for these orthodontic treatments.

3) Less Visible Braces

If you were to get braces with clear ceramic brackets that closely match the colour of your teeth, they would be far less visible than braces with metal brackets. Some brides have their orthodontist remove the top arch wire prior to their wedding to make them even less visible.

Accelerate Your Treatment Time With Propel

Mar Orthodontics is pleased to offer Propel®, an innovative and advanced orthodontic technology that works with your braces or aligners (e.g. Invisalign) to fast track your orthodontic treatment.

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Whichever option you might be interested in, the most important step is to consult an orthodontist, so he or she can help you weigh your options and find the best wedding day solution for you.

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