Hidden Braces For Adults

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If you’re one of the millions of adults that have misaligned teeth, you may relate to feeling self-conscious about your smile. Wearing braces helps align your teeth overtime and therefore, in the long-term, improves your smile confidence… but what about the short-term?

The most common worry about fixing orthodontic issues (the short-term) is sporting a “mouth full of metal”.

Fortunately, advances in technology have helped give orthodontic patients great options that almost completely hide the fact that they’re undergoing orthodontic treatment/wearing braces.

Lingual Hidden Braces To The Rescue!

Lingual braces are a more common option for hidden braces treatment than most people realize. The reason is… lingual braces are placed on the backside of the teeth, so you can’t see that an orthodontic patient is wearing them – they are virtually invisible!

This makes lingual braces an ideal choice for adults. Most do not want people to know that they are undergoing orthodontic treatment, and this option helps to ensure that no one will notice.

The two brands of lingual braces that we recommend are Incognito Braces and In-Ovation L braces.

Coming soon… Watch our hidden braces video!

Step 1: Book A Lingual Hidden Braces Consultation

Mar orthodontics is proud to offer lingual braces in Edmonton, Sherwood Park and St. Albert that offers lingual braces. If you’re an adult that’s considering getting braces, we recommend that you start your orthodontic journey by booking a consultation with our orthodontists. 

We want you to be proud of your smile and to feel confident about your orthodontic treatment.

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