Invisalign Man - A Day In The Life


I chose to go with Invisalign to correct my crooked teeth, mostly because I’m self-conscious about having crooked teeth in the first place, so I don’t want it to be obvious I am getting them corrected.

Also, being so busy, I didn’t want to spend extra time caring for conventional braces.

Here’s how I fit Invisalign into my life as a single adult professional…


I’ve always been a busy guy. I’m up at 5:30am and I hit the gym by 6 a.m. for my daily workout. After a shower, I’m at the office by 7:00am. I’m lucky I live downtown, close to the gym and my office. 

Before I go to the gym I brush my teeth and clean my Invisalign aligner. I don’t eat breakfast before I workout, so I don’t have to worry about flossing.

After my workout, I grab a smoothie or a protein shake for breakfast while walking to my office. I usually have a piece of fruit while I’m sitting at my desk and catching up with my emails. When I have fruit I remove my aligners as chewing with them can break them. 

I’m not much of a coffee guy, so on the odd occasion I do have a coffee I let it cool before drinking. They say that coffee can stain them, so I rarely have coffee now or I take them out when I do.

After my breakfast routine, I typically head off to the washroom to give my aligners a rinse and brush my teeth. I’ve got floss sticks with me all the time, so I do a quick floss too.


I’ve almost always have lunch meetings with clients or work colleagues, so before I head out for lunch I remove my Invisalign aligners and put them away in my case. It would be a little awkward pulling them out just before eating! Once I get back to the office I head to the washroom to brush my teeth and floss, and pop my aligners back in.


I’m out of the office late, and usually grab a bite to eat on my way home. I’ll often eat out with friends, and I’m not as self-conscious about taking my aligners out when I’m out with them. I actually had Invisalign recommended by a few of them, and I know they’ve been really happy with the results. After eating I typically head to the washroom to quickly brush and floss. I can’t imagine how much time I’d have to spend flossing if I had regular metal braces!

If I’m not sitting at home watching some TV or reading, I’m out playing hockey. In the winter I play ice hockey, and ball hockey the rest of the year. One of the big benefits of Invisalign for me was to be able to remove them when I play, so I can wear a mouth guard. I have heard a few stories of guys with braces getting hit in the mouth and cutting the inside of their mouth – ouch!

Back at home I grab a snack and relax. Then I clean my aligners, brush and floss, and I pop my aligners back in and head to bed. My orthodontist recommends wearing them the majority of the day and night, which I do.

I’ve invested some good money in improving my smile and I am committed to making it work. Overall I’ve been very happy with Invisalign. Most people don’t notice it, I haven’t experienced much in the way of pain or discomfort, and my teeth are straightening already!