Invisalign, Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyle Habits

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Normally when someone considers Invisalign, they think about Invisalign treatment options, what treatment entails, Invisalign cost and – the best part – their new smile! Some aspects that those looking into orthodontic treatment may not think about are nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits.  

Less Dietary Restrictions = Better Nutrition

An amazing benefit of opting for Invisalign treatment is that there are far less dietary restrictions due to the fact that you can take your aligners out to eat, even drink.

Patients can eat a wider variety of foods, which can lead to better overall nutrition and nutrient intake. 

Less Snacking

We recommend brushing and flossing after eating and drinking. When patients adhere to this, their feedback is that they find they develop a new healthy lifestyle habit – less snacking!

Increased Water Consumption

Aligners don’t have to come out when water is consumed, so this becomes a great choice for when you’re thirsty. We all know that drinking lots of water is a healthy lifestyle habit.

Even making the simple change of removing sugary drinks from our diet can have far reaching impact. If you consumed a couple sugary drinks (energy drinks, pop, juice, etc.) per day prior to treatment, imagine how much less sugar you’ll consume, and potential caloric intake you’ll avoid, during the course of your treatment if you cut these out.

It has been said that it usually takes a number of weeks for people to change a habit permanently. With several months of Invisalign treatment, this can create a major positive change.