Teen Invisalign - A Day In The Life


I’m so glad my parents were okay with me getting Invisalign instead of conventional braces, and that my orthodontist said that I was a good candidate for Invisalign. Some of my friends have regular braces and it seems like there is way more work involved.

I want to share what a day is like for me with Invisalign in my life…


Getting up in the morning is so much harder now that I’m a teen (not because of Invisalign, I wish that could be my excuse). I’m always so tired and don’t want to get out of bed. My friends with braces have to get up extra early to allow enough time to brush and floss with braces.

I don’t need to get up any earlier with Invisalign aligners!

I take my aligners out to eat breakfast, and I can eat pretty much whatever I want because I don’t have to worry about getting anything stuck in my braces. Granola, toast, bacon… yum! After I’m done eating I just brush and floss normally, which is pretty quick. Then I shower, pop my aligners back in and I’m off to school.


I usually have a sandwich and some fruit for lunch. All I need to do to eat is take my aligners out and put them in my case. Once I’m done lunch I quickly go to the washroom to brush and floss. I give my aligners a rinse, put them in and I am on my way. Some of my friends with braces need to spend a fair bit of time in the bathroom flossing and brushing.

Sometimes other kids make jokes about my friends with conventional braces, mostly when they first get them. That’s one of the main reasons why I am glad to have Invisalign - most of my schoolmates have not even noticed my Invisalign aligners – but I’d be happy getting my crooked teeth fixed even if I had to wear braces.

After school

Walking home from school I will stop at the corner store and get a bag of chips. I love them! I’m so happy I can still eat them, because my friends with regular braces aren’t supposed to.

My mom doesn’t think I should eat so many chips, so I try to finish them before I get home, but I make sure to brush, floss and clean my aligners as soon as I walk in the door.


I think my parents are pretty happy about me having Invisalign because they can cook whatever they want and not have to worry about making sure I can eat it.

When my older brother had regular braces, my parents complained sometimes about always having to make foods he could eat.

After I clean up the supper dishes I head to the bathroom to brush and floss. I don’t usually have an evening snack, so I don’t worry about flossing just before bed, but I do brush my teeth again (it feels like I am obsessed with cleaning).

My orthodontist always checks to make sure that I wear my Invisalign aligners all day, but he doesn’t have to worry. I want to make sure my teeth get fixed as soon as possible, so I wear them almost all the time.

I’ve been pretty happy with them so far, and I can see the difference already! There is some discomfort when I first put a new set of aligners in, but that goes away after a couple days. I don’t really notice it much. I’d say if you’re orthodontist says you can do Invisalign, you should!