Braces Orthodontic Treatment Overview

Braces orthodontic treatment consists of wires and brackets that are strategically placed on your teeth. Over time they move your teeth into an optimal position determined by your orthodontist. 

Mar Orthodontics is proud to provide a selection of both conventional braces and lingual braces options, as well as accelerated treatment


Lingual Braces

Often referred to as invisible or hidden braces, lingual braces are popular because they go on the back of your teeth so that no one knows you’re wearing them.

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Conventional Braces

Conventional braces are often referred to as metal braces or traditional braces, and have brackets and wires installed on the front of your teeth (they are visible). There are options like ceramic or clear brackets that are a similar colour to your teeth, which help to make them less visible.

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Braces Cost

Cost of braces orthodontic treatment will vary depending on the type of braces and the severity of a patient’s orthodontic issues. We work with our patients to assist with their insurance coverage, offer payment plans that suit patients’ needs, and we also have financing options to keep payments manageable.

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Accelerated Orthodontic Treatment

In some cases orthodontic treatment can take up to three years to complete, therefore reducing orthodontic treatment time can be very attractive. We have a great option to decrease treatment time.

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