Speed Braces Titanium Brackets

Speed braces
Speed Braces Titanium Brackets

All About SPEED Braces Titanium Brackets

SPEED Braces offer self-ligation technology and are up to three times smaller than standard braces and have a jewel-like appearance. They won’t discolour like “clear” braces or coloured elastics used on standard braces.

Their reduced size and height minimize lip and cheek irritation. In addition, their springs apply a continuous gentle force, which lends itself to less pain and discomfort through out your treatment.

Why choose Speed Braces Titanium Brackets?

  • Less irritation due to smaller size
  • Increased comfort due to spring technology
  • Increased comfort, reduced friction
  • Increased efficiency
  • Faster archwire changes
  • Fewer appointments
  • Shorter treatment times

Accelerate Your Treatment Time

Mar Orthodontics is pleased to offer Propel® and Aevo System for our adult & adolescent patients. Both are innovative and advanced orthodontic technologies that work with your braces or clear aligners (e.g. Invisalign) to fast track your orthodontic treatment. 

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Other Conventional Braces Options

3M Victory Series™ Active SL Bracket
In-Ovation® C Clear Ceramic Brackets

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