Braces Cost & Financing

The cost of orthodontic treatment is a main factor in many people’s decision to get braces. Achieving a healthy beautiful smile is an important investment for for your physical, mental and emotional health.

In addition to asking about types of braces and orthodontic treatment options, one of the most popular questions that new patients ask our orthodontic team is, how much do braces cost?

Finding out information about the cost of braces can be difficult, especially if you’re looking for an exact cost. The main reason for this is because the cost of braces will vary from individual to individual depending on their treatment plan. 

Your smile is a very individualistic thing – in fact, there’s not another identical to it in the world! Due to the fact that there are many discrepancies between people’s teeth, most professional orthodontists are hesitant to offer the general public an all encompassing "estimate" prior to performing a preliminary exam and diagnostics (for example, taking digital dental impressions and x-rays).

Mar Orthodontics recognizes that each smile comes with it’s own unique characteristics. As such, to determine an approximate braces cost for each of our patients, the first step of our process is an initial exam where we reach a preliminary diagnosis and recommend a treatment plan.

On average kids braces, adolescent braces and adult braces (both conventional and lingual braces) will start at $3,500 and can increase depending on a number of factors.

Factors That Affect Braces Cost

The following factors may contribute to the cost of braces:

  • Complexity of Orthodontic Issues
  • Treatment Required
  • Treatment Duration
  • Patient Commitment
  • Insurance Coverage

Braces Benefit Plans

If you’re lucky enough to have a benefits plan that includes orthodontic treatment coverage you’ll want to check to see if there are any limitations such as age limitations or maximum dollar amounts. Knowing these details before your first orthodontic consultation will help us determine your out of pocket braces cost. 

When a patient has more than one insurance company, the insurance companies will work together to coordinate the patient’s benefits. For example, if two parties, such as both parents, have orthodontic coverage in their benefit plans, it is possible to use both benefit plans to cover the cost of braces for their child.

Braces Payment Plans

In the event that you do not have orthodontic coverage from a benefit plan, or insufficient orthodontic coverage, flexible payment plans are available. We understand it may be difficult to make large payments or to pay for the cost of braces all at once, which is why we offer monthly payment plans and other payment options.

Braces payment plans allow many of our patients to get started right away, since they don’t have to pay larger amounts upfront and can work their smaller payments into their monthly budget.

Paying for braces over time is an option that many of our patients appreciate.

Braces Cost Consultation

Do you want to know more about how much braces treatment will cost?

We invite you to book a consultation if you wish to get basic information about our braces options. From there we will do an initial orthodontic exam and preliminary diagnosis. Patients (and guardians) are explained our orthodontic process, given a tour of our office, shown the types of braces we use, and any questions, concerns or anxieties are addressed.

At this point we will be able to assess the complexity of your orthodontic issues and recommend a treatment option(s). This will allows us to give you a precise estimate of cost, and we will also discuss payment options at this time.

We have two convenient locations to serve you! Please contact our St. Albert orthodontist office or Sherwood Park orthodontist office to book a consultation. We happily accept patients from Edmonton and surrounding areas as well.

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