Invisalign Retention

What is Invisalign Retention?

Once Invisalign treatment is completed the retention phase starts, and it’s a normal part of orthodontic treatment for most patients. Depending on your specific orthodontic issues, your orthodontist will determine the best method of keeping your teeth in the right position post treatment.

There are a variety of options from a fixed retainer attached to the back of the teeth (this might be metal or tooth-coloured), to a removable plastic retainer, like Essix and Vivera.

How long does Invisalign Retention last?

Once your Invisalign treatment is complete, you should think of the retention phase as a lifelong commitment to keeping your teeth straight. It is recommended that you have periodic appointments with your orthodontist to ensure the proper fit of your retainer and to monitor that your teeth remain in the corrected position.

What is normal tooth movement?

A certain amount of tooth movement is expected over the course of one’s life, even after Invisalign treatment. Movement is perfectly normal. With the Invisalign retention phase, we try to keep that tooth movement to a minimum.

Once our patients are done with their Invisalign treatment, we educate them about retention and give them an individualized retention plan to help keep their smile looking great for a lifetime.