Who We Treat Summary


Orthodontic Treatment for Adults, Adolescents & Children

Dr. Mar is dedicated to your orthodontic journey and passionate about providing treatment for three unique age groups: braces for adults, braces for adolescents and braces for children. He enjoys working with the diversity of each group. 


adult orthodontic treatment

50% of our patients are adults ranging in age from 18 to 75. Even those in their retirement years are getting orthodontic treatment!

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teen orthodontic treatment

Teens also make up a large part of our patients. Orthodontic treatment for them has lifelong benefits from increased self-confidence to better oral health.

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child orthodontic treatment

Early orthodontic treatment for kids age seven to twelve can help to correct a variety of problems, which can prevent more invasive treatment or surgery later in life. It can also shorten treatment time once a child becomes a teen.

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